GTS Seats
All products are handmade with a high quality steel frame, protected with zinc and polyurethane for long life. The padding, which gives the firmness and comfort, consists of fire resistant marterials. The choices of leatherette, Italian leather and basket weave are made of the best quality and durability. The basket weave's imprint is deeper than in the 60's and perforated which results in higher seating comfort. In 2000 the seats were crash tested by the DEKRA and approved by the European Union. We always carry stock but as all seats are handmade, please ask for availability. For special colors, patterns and fabrics please ask for a quote and lead time.
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For the classic motor sport - the taller drivers' choice. The Avus seat is named after the famous Avus racetrack in Berlin, which used to be the fastest in Europe since the late 1920's to the mid 80's. Designed by GTS Classics, this new classic sport seat comes with a higher back, higher side support, lowered seating position and option for 5 and 6 point-harness installations. It is the perfect choice for the taller driver as it is designed to fit their needs best.
Nurburgring models 5500-5504
This is the classic bucket sport seat used in many sports cars and sports sedans in the 60's and early 70's. This style was also the racer's and rally driver's choice as it gives best support and comfort for long endurance races and rallies. A perfect choice for your 2 seater, 2x2 or offroader. The seat is nonadjustable in itself. Only when mounted into the car can it be adjusted in height, tilt and seating position. A tilting bracket is available as an option.
Rallye models 5300-5304
Rallye driver's serious choice. A classic seat now redesigned with a higher back, higher side support and openings for 5 and 6-point harness options. It resembles the improved rallye seats of the factory BMW, Porsches, Datsuns and Fords of the late 60's and early 70's. The seat is nonadjustable in itself, so please install to fit or use our GTS classic brackets.
MonteCarlo models 5600-5604
This reclining sport seat is the perfect choice for the 2x2 Sport coupe, sporty sedans or SUV. In the style of the late 60's and 70's this seat is reclinable and adjustable and gives firm support with comfort. We redesigned it as well to give you a better support even for taller drivers. It is the perfect choice for sport and comfort. All seats come with matching headrests.
LeMans models 5200-5204
Introducing the LeMans, the first seat made for the 914 only. It will fit the original mounting points, clear the handbrake, have an adjustable headrest, will fit in the original Porsche padding, offer you the 5-6 point harness option as a standard feature, and give you more side support. It is available in LeMans 5202 leatherette/basket weave, LeMans 5200 leatherette/corduroy, LeMans 5204 leather/corduroy and in LeMans 5203 perforated leather.
Sport S models 5700-5704
The classic seat of the late 60's and early 70's was the Recaro Ideal .Featured in the Porsches and BMW and in various German sport coupes, this seat has made history. GTS classics is proud to present our version of that seat. We went as far as reproducing the shape of the foam and have made molds for it to ensure that each seat has the exact  form. The same goes for the hinge mechanism and cover, we have recreated it as close as we could .Like the original, the seat tilts forward, but for better access to the rear we also offer the tilting brackets to lift the complete seat. Available in all the classic sport seat configurations of that period. We can also help you get your custom Sport S seat in the color and the configuration you want. Also available with this seat, are adjustable headrests. This seat is handmade with the highest quality and craftsmanship. Only available at your exclusive GTS classics dealers worldwide.
ST models 5400-5404
This is the classic bucket seat for Porsches , which was featured in the R models and many sport configurations offered in the 60's and early 70's. Different to most other models GTS classic offers, this seat is made in fiberglass . The ST has the look of the original seats with even the ventilation grommets in the back. Available in all our configurations. We can also help you to get your custom ST seat in the color and the configuration of your choice.
Brackets for all Porsches 911 and Porsches 356 are in stock. Brackets are also available separately.
We offer the option of a 5-point harness, which is required by most car clubs and sport events. This option will accommodate a 6-point harness as well.
Custom colors fabrics and patterns